Martijn de Boer

beeldend kunstenaar

Goodbye DeviantART


In this post, the staff of DeviantART sketched their new approach to the the future.

Indeed it’s bold. All capitals and all big words. They are trying to sell us their story.

Meanwhile, stolen art is sold all over DeviantART – even art stolen from DeviantART’s own artists. Reporting it has no effect. However, if a company is contacted about art stolen from their stock sites, the takedown happens in less then a day. DeviantART doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, art from DeviantART is used all over the internet. In blogs, videos, and just about everywhere. The creators aren’t even mentioned, let alone a link is provided. DeviantART is a great way to distribute your art – and get absolutely nothing in return. DeviantART doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, the much appreciated stock images – for use by serious artist, for sketching references or photo manipulations – is mostly a collection of stolen pictures from the internet. DeviantART doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, one of the staff members commissioned an artwork, but they never paid me. Private messages are not answered, I’m probably blocked. Blocked, while my painting is on their home walls. DeviantART doens’t care.

Meanwhile, DeviantART is making a lot of money. It’s hard not to click a button, that is greyed out and says ‘for premium users only’. There is advertisement everywhere. DeviantART doesn’t care.

I’ve posted my art on DeviantART for 9 years now, but I never expressed my critique to the community publicly. Till now, after reading those bold words.

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